Startup Consulting.

There is nothing so stable as change.
— Bob Dylan

Branding & Identity.

The identity of the company is created very early on. Be it through corporate culture, the way you deal with partners and employees, or the effect of your external appearance on your customers.

There are clear basic rules that have to be observed in Branding & Identity, which I can show you.

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Sharpen your Tools is often the most important thing I include in my lectures and consultations. A good precautionary strategy replaces subsequent fire fighting.

Go-to-market-, product-portfolio- as well as pricing-strategy are among others topics, which are extremely important.

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Market Research.

In the creative process of innovation the most important thing is often forgotten: the market. It is a question of how big a market is, how solvent the customers are, and how stable (growing or shrinking) it is.

This question, which is also the most important one for every investor, is often swept under the table. I can help you with this topic.

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Marvin Musialek was very professional and dedicated. The dashboard has been implemented more than satisfactorily and is very appealing.

Florian B.

Due to the cooperation with Mr. Musialek we were able to win numerous new customers. We clearly recommend the cooperation.

Christian M.
Rad Globus

I have never seen anybody build a business as fast as Marvin. It saved us valuable time and allowed us to enter the market quickly.

Felix O.
Process Process


Current Status Survey.

With a free initial consultation interview I will get an overview of your requirements, goals and schedule.



Content and Creation.

Transparent and professional implementation is very important to me. You are involved in every step.



Start and Monitoring.

After successful implementation and project start follows constant monitoring of the target specifications.